A desire to create unique objects with soul. Each collaboration starts with a conversation and ends with a conversation piece. Explore Protsaah collections & let the magic of these inspirations mesmerize you...
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Gulmarg Collection

Inspired by the pristine ski-hamlet in Kashmir.

Pure pashmina handwoven by artisans from the Kashmir valley – Pashmina’s birthplace.

Only the hands of passionate nomads and craftsmen have touched these creations, from combing the underbelly, to spinning and dying the yarn for the most skilled weavers, master stencillers and talented embroiders.

Protsaah authenticates artistic identity, exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality.

Lhasa Collection

Inspired by geometry and colours of the eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan mythology.

A melange of contemporary sterling silver jewellery, adorned by semi-precious stones that lend positive energies. Handcrafted by women artisans from the Lhasa valley – Tibet’s heartland.

Designed by numerous international designers supporting Protsaah’s vision of a conflict-free world.

Protsaah Pop Up Store
Protsaah Pop Up Store

Ougadougou Collection

“Forcibly displaced people, always carry something of significant value: their knowledge, their skills and their experience.”

Created by the amazing Malian refugees in Burkina Faso. The collection has handwoven cotton accessories and an incredible bronze-leather jewellery collection made from tank shells and inner tubes of tyres.

DESIGN FOR PEACE is a brand having the traditional West African art and the modernity, to enhance, to value the “know-how” of craftsmanship. These values are shared by Protsaah as well, for multicultural and timeless style and a respect for authenticity of craftwork heritage.

Kigali Collection

Colourful handwoven baskets inspired by personal stories of women from post-genocide Rwanda.

Our collaboration with All Across Africa comes from our passion to revitalise indigenous traditions and techniques. This partnership works to merge tradition with modern design, infused with the heritage of the people who make them.

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