Cashmere Scarf - Foulard - Wild In Love

SFr. 120.00

Inspired by the pristine ski-hamlet in Kashmir. This colored scarf will add a lively spirit to your outfit. Pure pashmina handwoven by artisans from the Kashmir valley -Pashmina's birthplace.

Only the hands of passionate nomads and craftsmen have touched these creations, from combing the underbelly, to spinning and dying the yarn for the most skilled weavers, master stencillers and talented embroiders.

Aproximate time it takes to hand-weave this piece: 40 hours

Protsaah authenticates artistic identity, exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality.

• Handcrafted by our worldwide artisans.

• Sustainably created in the birthplace of pashmina.

• Each piece you purchase ensures safer conditions and new opportunities for our Gulmarg artisans.

Learn more about our Gulmarg Project and our Commitment

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