24-Hour Looks with Protsaah

Transform your looks from day to night all in time for the festivities

 24-Hour Looks with Protsaah


We’ve spent over two years in and out of loungewear, partially dressing for our zoom meetings and perfecting our DIY hair fixes. Now that life is slowly returning to some kind of normality it’s time to get ourselves prepped just in time for the festive season. Yes, our calendars are filling up with small family gatherings, friendship catch-ups and the ever so missed Christmas parties. But how can we make it work, all the while looking fabulous at all times?

With the right accessories on your side we can skip all the hassle of shopping for endless outfits and discover new ways to revamp daytime wear into a show stopping evening outfit. Less is more these days and as a sustainable brand, we fully support this idea in every meaning. Let’s take a look at how we can transform our outfits around the clock. 


Transformation tips:


  • Choose clothing items that can easily be styled to elevate a look. By using a little black dress or trousers and a plain top, you can create a simple, yet interchangeable base which can easily be dressed up or dressed down as and when needed. Our shimmering disk earrings are the perfect way to make a statement. Handcrafted by female artisans, the contemporary intertwined circles will surely take your outfit to the next level. 




  • Nothing completes a look more than a bold necklace. Play around with colour and add some fun shades to your outfit with sparkly stones. We love our ‘teardrop stone necklace’, a simple and elegant piece that will brighten up any outfit whether it’s day or night.


  • Designed in a range of colours, patterns and lengths, a scarf is a great way to vamp up your outfit game. Wear it with heels to balance out a smart look, or drape it loosely around your neck for a more casual style with a pair of sneakers. 




  • A bracelet is an accessory that can really make an outfit shine. A simple, classic gold bangle is ideal for everyday wear, however, when you’re hitting the town there’s no rules for how many bracelets one can wear. Mix it up with different styles, stones and opt for layering on both wrists. 




Choosing the right jewellery for your outfits

One of the best things about jewellery is that every piece is so versatile and can be worn in a number of ways. Transforming your outfits from the office to the afterwork party can be so much fun when you’re willing to get creative - well fashion is all about creativity isn’t it!

Adorn your wrist with layered bracelets, accentuate your neck and shoulders with a striking gemstone and dazzle the night away with endless rings. Whether you're ready to shop for your favourite Protsaah piece of jewellery or you’re just here for the insight, we hope that this article inspires you. 

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