Founder & Storyteller

SALONI Shrestha

PROTSAAH is a brand that speaks from my soul. I believe that, as humans, there is nothing more important than honesty and authenticity. Everything PROTSAAH embodies, I strive to deliver.

Having worked most of my career in Swiss banks, I came to realise I wasn’t much more than a number to them. My years of dedication were repaid with heartless abandonment in my hour of need. Becoming a mother, I had great difficulty navigating work postpartum, I felt ignored, forgotten about, completely alone and unseen. 

I lost who I was and I needed to rebuild. Where this almost broke me, it went onto to inspire me. I now aim to help people worldwide find their true selves. To never be alone or ashamed when it comes to their authenticity.

We are a Swiss brand from various heritages, like me, our artisans, and our customers. PROTSAAH is my way of instigating change and opportunity for those who have faced hardship. It is my dream to encourage and inspire everyone to find their strength and become the spirits and goddesses they are. My mission is to make everyone “be seen”. That’s what I felt and that’s what helps me find that mission within. That is the most important thing that fires the human spirit - to be seen, noticed, valued and appreciated. 


We are daughters and mothers. Grandmothers and soulmates. Lovers and friends.

No two of us are the same. No two are exactly alike, but our legacy, stories and heritage are what bond us.

We are the torch-bearers; the fire within the human spirit.

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PROTSAAH is a female-led, honest sustainable lifestyle brand.

Our handmade jewellery, homeware products and accessories are built from traditional heritage crafts fused with natural materials and modern designs.

We are ethical, strong, uplifting and constantly strive to take sustainability beyond the product.

When you bring home a product from PROTSAAH or wear our beautiful pieces, you become a part of our story, one that you share with the world.

And together, we craft our legacy; one that can change the lives it touches.


We commit to building lifelong opportunities across the world for those affected by political disruption, conflict, abuse and instability at home.

Our beautiful pieces are passionately handcrafted at small-scale artisan communities or cooperatives, family-owned and ethically managed small workshops.

We’ve nurtured close relationships with all our artisan partners in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, India, Kashmir, Rwanda, Tibet, and Syrian refugee projects in Istanbul.

Meet our artisans


At PROTSAAH, the heart of each collection is a handcrafted, anti-industrialism approach and a commitment to slow, sustainable fashion.

All our products are made with recycled/ recyclable, quality natural materials. Our fine, handcrafted gemstone jewellery collection is Europe's only circular-economy focussed sustainable jewellery brand.

To make our products accessible, we work directly and in partnership with the best artisans around the world, remove the middlemen and sell directly to you. All so that you can enjoy high quality jewellery and other lifestyle products every day, not just on special occasions.

Beyond our products, we are mindful about all aspects of our business – from good working conditions, managing carbon emissions, eco-friendly packaging to fair wages for everyone in our supply chain.


Let’s craft real impact, together.

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