A socially-conscious, ethical fashion brand that works solely with artisan communities affected by violence and instability in conflict zones globally

Rooted in a passion for community, connections, wanderlust and art, we believe that an authentic luxury brand not only delights the customer with something beautiful, but provides empowerment to all involved in its creation.

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Headquartered in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland, Protsaah partners with artisans in places such as Burkina Faso, Kashmir, Rwanda Tibet and Syrian refugee projects.

Our team is driven to redefine and bring sharp awareness to the craft and character of ‘made in conflict zones’.

It all begins with the conflict zone - the heritage crafts and locally sourced, natural materials. We endeavour to merge ancient
skills with modern aesthetics. Our exquisite collections are marked only by the individuality of the artisan, with inspiring stories that need to be told.

Inspired by the pristine ski-hamlet in Kashmir.

Cashmere Gulmarg Collection

Pure pashmina handwoven by artisans from the Kashmir valley – Pashmina’s birthplace.

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Jewellery Lhasa Collection

Inspired by geometry and colours of the eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan mythology.

Jewellery Lhasa Collection

A melange of contemporary sterling silver jewellery.

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Handmade in Burkina Faso - recovering from decades of civil war.

Accessories Ouagadougou Collection

A collection of handwoven organic cotton accessories for you and your home.

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Accessories Ouagadougou Collection

Colourful handwoven baskets inspired by personal stories of women from post-genocide Rwanda.

Baskets Kigali Collection

This project is done in collaboration with All Across Africa, which manages our production at the Kodukoru Cooperative. The cooperative is a listed member of the Rwanda Cooperative Agency which fair trade certified.

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Behind the scenes

Stories ignite curiosity, guide us through the unfamiliar and almost always urge us to share that story.

Protsaah is a socially-conscious, ethical fashion brand that works solely with artisan communities affected by violence and instability, in conflict zones globally. At the heart of each collection is a handcrafted, anti‐industrialism approach and a commitment to slow, sustainable fashion. Know more....

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