Protsaah is a socially-conscious, ethical fashion brand that works solely with artisan communities affected by violence and instability, in conflict zones globally.

At the heart of each collection is a handcrafted, anti‐industrialism approach and a commitment to slow, sustainable fashion.

Headquartered in the heart of Zurich, Protsaah partners with artisans in places such as Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Kashmir, Rwanda and Tibet.


Heritage or Violence…. what pays more?
What started out as turning a passion for handcrafted heirlooms into a viable entrepreneurial venture, morphed into a bigger and powerful purpose.


Protsaah – handcrafted peace, is driven to redefine and bring sharp awareness to the craft and character of ‘made in conflict zones’. We endeavour to merge ancient skills with modern aesthetics. Our exquisite collections are marked only by the individuality of the artisan, with inspiring stories that need to be told.



Founder & Storyteller

I’m not one for labels (have enough of those already – a daughter, sister, wife, mother). A social entrepreneur, in addition to being a woman who loves design, art and people. My vagabond spirit has taken me to through many a winding lanes in charming lands and has given me a gift of a thousand stories.