Meet our Artisans

The Beginning...

It all begins with a story, and at PROTSAAH, we go deep.

Before the vision and brand that is PROTSAAH was born, founder Saloni was one day sitting across from a twenty-something Pashmina/Cashmere weaver in Kashmir, India – one of the world’s most dangerous and longest-running conflict zones.

The discussion Saloni had with this artisan ignited the fire within her to create a sustainable, ethical brand that would enable crafters like him to continue their extraordinary work in fair conditions.

meet our artisan

The artisan told Saloni over a hot Kahwa (spiced local green tea), “It pays better to be a terrorist than to be an artisan on this loom.”

She asked, “How is it that weaving the finest wool in the world – Pashmina, was not more lucrative than killing one’s conscience and fellow humans?”

“Well, you always have cheaper machine-made pashmina from neighbouring countries; very few truly care enough about the art or the artisan.” 

His matter-of-fact tone said everything Saloni needed to know about the hardship and conditions one was forced to produce.

Saloni’s first jolt to her obliviousness and restlessness had been triggered.

It was within this that she pursued to launch PROTSAAH'S “Gulmarg Collection” - handcrafted Pashmina/ Cashmere scarves sourced ethically from the Srinagar Valley in Kashmir, its birthplace.

 the collection

From this point on, socially responsible, authentic, and handcrafted products are all that PROTSAAH endeavours to produce, with artisans being paid and treated fairly for their work.


Our Artisans & Their Process

We adore handmade. We refuse to mass produce.

Our artisans are based all over the world. We work with artisans in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Kashmir, Rwanda, Tibet, and refugee projects in Syria and Istanbul.

our jewellery collection

We have made it our sole mission to help build lifelong opportunities for artisans worldwide affected by political disruption, conflict, abuse, and instability at home.

Each piece is intricately handcrafted and ethically managed in small workshops where artisans are free to work in enjoyable, safe conditions.

Their expert craft skills allow them to work with richer, premium-grade stones and precious metals. Our artisans weave not only their craft into each piece but their unique history and culture resulting in authentic products you won’t find anywhere else.

From working with traditional woodworkers to Cashmere weavers, handmade pottery makers to intricate jewellery crafters – mass-produced, factory-made products could never compete with the stunning pieces our artisans create.

We remove the middleman and work directly with our artisans to produce our designs.

We ensure their positive well-being while helping them build a future for themselves and their families.

Their natural materials are of the highest quality, recycled resources, and our handcrafted gemstone jewellery is the only circular-economy focussed sustainable jewellery brand in Europe.

Working with PROTSAAH is about collectiveness, encouragement, and togetherness.


Actively Impacting

As business owners, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to invoke change in these harsh environments.

We are working with real humans, with real human stories that need to be told. 

As a business owner, you have the power to create a lasting impact through the way you choose to buy what you sell.

Our products are designed to last a lifetime, but the story behind each of our pieces is the true message that should last an eternity. 

When you become a PROTSAAH retailer, you become a part of a legacy that combats struggle, violence, poverty, and horrific working conditions.


Together we must fight fast fashion over consumerism that destroys lives.


By sharing PROTSAAH products as part of your business, you are sharing the story of a better future for everyone, our artisans, and the next generation of crafters. You are giving a voice to those who battled to be heard. 


Do you have what it takes to impact real change actively?


Become a PROTSAAH retailer today!

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