-Saloni, Founder and Storyteller

To Our Artisans

Providing Safe Spaces and Fair Pay for All

Our commitment to our artisans, wherever they may be based in the world, is to provide a safe, fair, and enjoyable working environment for each person involved. The PROTSAAH artisans are our family, and our sole mission is to protect the futures of those who would otherwise be subject to conflict, violence, political disruption, poverty, and war.

We endeavour to make PROTSAAH and the fine handmade items we produce a sustainable source of income, lifestyle, and future for all, where no person or story gets left behind.

To Our Environment

Protecting our world and future via sustainable and ethical sources.

Sustainability is a small word that carries considerable weight. To PROTSAAH, sustainability and protecting our environment and the future of our world are multifaceted. When designing our collections, we look at each material we source, the design thinking and layout, who our consumer is, how they can pass our products down through generations, how they can be repaired or recycled, and ultimately, what story each piece carries.

Sustainable does not simply mean ethically sourced or produced; it means a lifetime commitment to sharing, repurposing, and passing forward.

To You – Our Retailers and Consumers

Delivering sustainable and ethical products to all

Our commitment to you as a retailer or a consumer of our fine handcrafted and handwoven products is one of love and understanding. We think beyond the product to the story that piece will hold and the emotion you will carry with it. We embody the feeling of a grandmother passing down a treasured heirloom, but one that not only has sentimental value but also can be cherished for its integrity, backstory and action towards a better future for our planet and people.

We deliver our pieces to retailers to enable a sustainable retail horizon where everyone can access ethically sourced goods free from greenwashing.

“Our pledge to you is clear: complete transparency, unwavering ethics, and unshakable honesty. When you choose us, we commit to an unbreakable promise - we will always be honest, ethical, and entirely trustworthy.” -

Saloni, Founder and Storyteller

Let’s craft real impact, together.

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