How we Craft Real Impact

We’re not about making jewellery that can be found and made anywhere. We are about crafting a legacy and encouraging sustainability.

The combination of locally sourced natural materials, thoughtful designs and fair prices ensure that impact remains at the heart of PROTSAAH.

Our mission is for consumers to say goodbye to fast fashion.

How we craft real impact

How We Source

We encourage social, material, and environmental change via sustainable buying.

By producing directly in the communities, we wish to impact, both locally and globally, in turn creating jobs and empowering women.

We achieve this by partnering with artisans in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Kashmir, Rwanda, Tibet, and refugee projects in Syria and Istanbul.

Committing to working with artisan communities worldwide affected by political disruption, conflict, abuse, and instability at home is of the utmost importance to us. 

The materials we use

All our jewellery products are made from natural stones, gemstones, 22k gold plated silver or sterling silver that comes with their own intricate, unique beauty.

No two products are identical, making them extra unique to their owner.

Our pashminas and scarves are made from the softest cashmere dyed in vibrant, stunning colours, while our hand-painted and crafted ornaments are moulded from unbreakable recycled papier-mache. 

Our crafting processes

PROTSAAH founder Saloni Shrestha lovingly designs each piece in Zurich, Switzerland, while collaborating with our team of expert artisans worldwide.

Each artisan brings a sense of culture, experience, and character to everything we produce.

The collective design process is a core value for each piece as it allows us to enrich our jewellery with an extra essence that cannot be found in mass-produced products of a similar nature.

Each of our products is lovingly crafted at the hands of our artisans, and each takes significant time, skill, and careful precision.

We’re about sustainable, ethical work practices that allow our artisans to craft products that bring them joy and speak to their heritage and culture, which shines through in the attention to detail seen in each piece.

And we don’t stop there when it comes to sustainability. Every item purchased is delivered in eco-friendly recycled packaging to tie together our ethically fair and sourced brand.

Crafting Real Impact

Becoming a retail partner

This brings us to our missing piece: you!

Perhaps you are a small independent retailer looking to add a touch of sustainability to your business at an affordable cost.

Maybe you’re a recognised brand aiming to combat fast fashion and consumerism by offering your customers ethical buying options.

When you buy from PROTSAAH, you buy from real people with real stories. And we commit to helping you tell yours.

If you’re a small independent business, retailer or large business looking to source ethical jewellery, homeware, decor, and accessories, you have found a soulmate in PROTSAAH. 

We proudly offer our handmade artisan pieces to independent retailers and wholesale resellers. We are passionate about sharing our heritage and crafts with the world.

If you embody our drive for change and our will to ignite a fire within the human spirit, become a retail partner and join us on our journey today!

Sustainable Jewellery

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