Craftboat x PROTSAAH: Our Artistianal Adventure

Picture of Indian artisan reading through an artisanal stationery notebook

We're overjoyed to work with Craftboat, our kindred spirit in Jaipur, India. 

At PROTSAAH, we're all about championing the creative energy of our skilled artisans across the globe, using their beautiful stories as our compass towards a greener and brighter future.

Craftboat glided into our lives like a serendipitous gust of wind when we started dreaming up visions of stationery and homeware. 

We clicked instantly, bonding over our shared commitment to sustainability, adoration for handmade treasures, and a touch of analog charm!

Our Harmony with Craftboat 

Where do we even begin? 

Craftboat’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices are unwavering.

Their values don't just align with ours; they're a perfect echo.

Working alongside Craftboat is a partnership in the truest sense. Together, we amplify our love for artisanal, sustainable, and ethical things. Each design we lovingly craft together is infused with the beating heart of every artisan involved. 

Together, we’ve blended the notes of sustainability and ethics into beautiful stationery and homeware products.

artisanal stationery and glassware products, watercolour painting on artisanal paper

The Craftboat Collection

Peek into our wondrous Craftboat Collection and discover a wonderland of paper goods and glassware products. 

Crafted by our gifted artisans from 100% recycled materials, these masterpieces are where practicality embodies elegance.

Each unique piece, whether hand-marbled or wood block printed, is as distinctive as its creator. 

You'll find an array of gems: paper file holders, desk trays, letter sorters, paper bins, paper sheets, journals, wrapping papers, gift tags, notecards. Oh, our exquisite array of glassware, from straws to vases and candleholders!

The joy of Craftboat comes from the beauty of the everyday. Whether leaving thoughtful notes for a loved one, or sending forget me nots to friends far away, Craftboat elevates each precious moment. 


Why Choose Craft Boat x PROTSAAH?

PROTSAAH is about channelling your inner goddess through the items we wear and use! As the world steps towards change, we're lighting the path to giving back to Mother Earth. 

We're all in on this journey and can't imagine navigating these waters without Craftboat.  With our goddess community, we can give so much more back!

By embracing our collection, you're not just choosing a product but making a statement. A statement that supports fair pay, safe working conditions, and freedom from oppression and poverty. 

Our collection is a joy-giver - to you, us, and the artisans who pour their heart and soul into each creation.

artisan folding and packaging an artisanal gift, handcrafted wrapping paper

So, are you ready to join our sisterhood of sustainability? 

Explore the Craftboat x PROTSAAH collection, lovingly curated under the PROTSAAH banner. 

Together, we can paint a greener future, one handcrafted piece at a time.

Click here to immerse yourself in our handcrafted stationery and glassware products.

Or reach out to us to place an order.

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