How Do You Let It Out?

Have you ever wondered how your trapped emotions affect your health? Read on to discover the benefits of finding your means of expressi on.

How Do You Let It Out?

It’s not uncommon for people to shy away from their true feelings, because expressing yourself can be a daunting and extremely vulnerable act. The moment we open up and peel off the “poker-faced” mask, we are bare and actually susceptible to malice or disease. In fact, lack of expression is what causes such illnesses in the first place. When we refrain from venting out, we end up bottling up our emotions, which increases our chances of experiencing sadness or even anger. 

People generally learn to suppress their emotions due to the fear that they may appear weak. With this in mind, we often neglect our innermost feelings and fail to express ourselves freely. 

How many times have you heard one of the following aged expressions? “Sweep it under the rug!” “Keep calm and carry on!” “Big boys/girls don’t cry!”

All emotions are valid, therefore, sweeping them under the rug or dismissing them in general only creates a mountain - one that is never easy to climb.


How your emotions affect your health

While we know that holding things in can cause our own personal stress and mis-communication within relationships, but how much do we know about the mental and physical health problems it can lead to? If you knew that the stomach pain you’ve been battling for what feels like forever could be the result of harbouring negative emotions, would you focus more on expressing yourself?

How your emotions affect your health

For hundreds of years, experts within the wellness industry have been spreading their belief of an ethereal connection that links our mental state with our physical reality. Various studies prove that stomach pain, weight gain and even cancer could be a result of holding in your emotions.  

It does make sense, right? All that blocked energy has to go somewhere…

So the question is, how do we let it out?


Healthy Ways to Express Your Feelings

How we choose to express our feelings will determine whether we remain held back in life or set free. Many of us have creative tendencies but it’s often the dialogue in our head that holds us back. We’re not the next J.K Rowling so what’s the point of putting pen to paper? Or our voice is not as powerful as Adele’s, so why invest in vocal lessons? We can silence our voice, but the inner dialogue begins and it’s that exact voice that critiques us, eventually forcing us to shut down and not try at all. Changing our perception around self-expression, from gaining other’s approval to obtaining personal fulfillment, will minimise the pressure and give us the encouragement to move forward.

Healthy Ways to Express Your Feelings

Learn to foster habits of healthy self-expression from even the smallest acts each day. It could be what you choose to wear, the way you style your hair, or just the time you spend reading a book and writing in your journal. Writing is powerful, therefore just jotting your thoughts on paper is all you need to unravel your mind. Expressing ourselves is supposed to make us feel good, so do something that you’re comfortable with, whilst protecting your energy and considering your personal boundaries. 


Note to Self

Just as imperative as it is to find something that helps you express yourself, it is just as important to schedule time for you to do so. Make your means of expression a priority so that you can strengthen your mental and physical health. 

“Always be yourself, express yourself , have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” - Bruce Lee

That brings us to our final question, how do you let it out?

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