How to choose the perfect hoops

There is no doubt that hoops are one of the most essential pieces of fine jewelry. Depending on your style choice, these staples add just a little more polish to your everyday look while making you feel more put together. Whether making a statement or providing a subtle accent, different styles and sizes add something different to the hoop. What would we suggest? Make your collection as versatile as possible. Discover how to shop for hoops.


The diameter of our hoops ranges from 10mm to 45mm to give you a wide range to work with. The different sizes give each look a unique touch. Start with the largest hoops at the bottom of your ear lobe and work your way up to the smallest size for the perfect everyday stack of hoops.


You can start or grow your collection with our best-of-the-best hoop designs.  Get your tapping finger ready.

1. Starter Hoop

Because we’ve all gotta start somewhere.

Croissant Dôme Hoops are a signature that will remain a cornerstone no matter how many you add to your collection, we promise.

2. Everyday Hoop

They're 14k gold and light as air. Hoops you can wear anywhere-in the shower, in the gym, even to bed-and never have to take them off

3. Statement Hoop

It's okay to dress a little edgy sometimes, which is why these 14k and vermeil look-at-me hoops are perfect. In short, you simply cannot go wrong.

4. Best Multiple Hoop

This hoop can be worn on your second, third or fifth piercing to maximize your ear estate. 

5. Cartilage Hoop

Comfortable and wearable (and sparkling), this asymmetrical design is designed to be worn on your helix. 

6. Stacking Hoop

Wear it alone or pair it with other hoops.



Hoops that you can wear day in and day out, they withstand rain, heat, sweat and are designed with comfort in mind so you never have to take them off.

Protsaah - Hoop earrings


Hoops of medium size can add a range of styling functions to elevate any outfit with their versatility.

Protsaah - Hoops Medium


When it’s time to make a statement, go big or go home. Size like this demands attention and is suitable for a night out on the town.

Protsaah - Large Hoop earrings

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