Learning to Self-Reflect Before a New Year

In preparation for setting intentions and goals for 2022, we take a look back on the past year.

Learning to Self-Reflect Before a New Year

In such a fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget to check in on yourself. With our time consumed with deadlines, commitments, financial obligations and Netflix; it often feels like there's’ not even a moment to consider how we feel about anything, let alone our wellbeing. 

Practising self-reflection permits us to process what we have experienced, otherwise we just move from one thing to the next without considering valuable lessons that can change the course of our future.

Although taking time out to evaluate yourself sounds impossible it is, in fact, an art that can buy you back some time by helping you make the right choices moving forward.

So what is Self-Reflection?

Directly, it’s putting yourself first by quieting the noise to reflect on past patterns. It is about taking the time to evaluate your behaviour, thoughts, emotions, motivations and desires and asking yourself “Why?”. We’re asking you to dig deep here! Once you can answer your questions honestly, you will have a better understanding of your choices and their outcomes. This can give you all the tools you need to adapt your behaviour to achieve your goals and set positive intentions for the new year.

In a nutshell, Self-Reflection allows you to:

  • Learn and understand your behavioural habits
  • Gain perspective
  • Make better choices
  • Preserve your energy for what/who really matters
  • Achieve your goals
  • Create the life you envision for yourself

How can I self-reflect?

It is considered most helpful to have aspects written down to review, though some people enjoy meditating for clarity, writing a journal, painting or going for a run. However you choose to self-reflect, there’s one rule: you must be honest with yourself!

Start by recounting all the things that happened this year - both good and bad. Consider why you deemed those experiences bad, and whether they were in your control. If they weren’t, then how did you react? If they were, what could you have done differently? Lastly, learn to forgive yourself for what has happened and make an effort to change negative behaviour. 

This exercise is not intended to make you feel guilty about the past, but to find peace with it and have a deeper understanding of what to work on in the future. 

The good experiences are just as, if not more, important to analyse than the bad. It is key to give gratitude and praise yourself for all the wonderful things that you have achieved this year. The more energy you give to your achievements the more they will prosper.

These are aspects of your character you will develop and give more time to in the upcoming year.

How can I self-reflect?


It’s not easy… but it’s worth it!

Challenge yourself, make time for you and we will see you in the new year when we set our goals and intentions for 2022.

Wishing you a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, from Protsaah.

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