The future of bling: Ethical diamonds from the lab!

Fair and Ethical Alternative to Blood Diamonds

The future of bling: Ethical diamonds from the lab!

Fair and Ethical Alternative to Blood Diamonds

Blood diamonds (also called conflict diamonds) are diamonds mined/ sold in a war zone. These mined diamonds finance insurgents, criminal activities or the activities of warlords.  More often these diamonds exploit the miners and their families. The term is used to highlight the negative consequences of the diamond trade in certain areas or to identify an individual diamond as coming from such an area. With laboratory diamonds there is finally an alternative to the natural, often problematic blood diamonds.

What are lab-created diamonds?

The only thing that differentiates a lab-grown diamond and natural diamond is its beginning. Lab-grown diamonds, otherwise known as artificial or cultured diamonds, are created in a laboratory. It mimics the natural process of growing a diamond using state-of-the-art technology. Because they are made of the same material and exposed to the same conditions, lab-created diamonds are visually and chemically identical to stones created by the earth.

Are lab-created diamonds real?

Yes! Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds - just with a different origin. They are optically and chemically identical, so they cannot be distinguished by eye, and special equipment is required to tell them apart.

Why buy lab created diamonds?

Mined diamonds have a lengthy supply chain process and that costs fall on the consumer. Lab created diamonds can be up to 30% less expensive than earth created stones.  Perfect if you have a price limit or want to maximize diamond size for the same price.

Quality & Beauty
Lab-created diamonds are inherently the same as the natural  diamond. In fact, they are visually and chemically identical.

Lab-created diamonds are taking the jewelry industry by storm. They are engineered in the lab using the latest technology and offer a modern alternative to natural diamonds.

Why buy lab created diamonds? 

Our Gemstones: Fair, Ethical, Conflict Free Why buy lab created diamonds?

At Protsaah, we focus on sustainability at all levels. For example, our semi-precious stones come from Jaipur in India - the world's largest market for non-violent gemstones. Their comparatively low financial value makes them not as interesting for the black market as diamonds. But soon we will be able to offer you an affordable, socially-ethical alternative - follow us on Instagram to be the first to know!

Our Lhasa jewelry collection not only makes your fashion heart beat faster, but also invites you to shop with a good conscience.

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