The Story Behind Craftboat


The story behind the craft.

At PROTSAAH, everything we do is centred around the work of our talented artisans worldwide. We work with people who have real human stories and are committed to bettering their lives and the future of our planet.

When we knew we wanted to embark on a stationery and homeware project for our PROTSAAH collections, working with Craft Boat seemed like a true calling. 

Based in Jaipur, India, Craft Boat embraces all things handmade, sustainable and analog. For Craft Boat and PROTSAAH, this means putting the materials and process at the heart of every design we create. 

The creativity of our artisans aids the regenerative design process. 

This collection is about collective, slow, ever-changing living with a desire to embrace all things sustainable and handmade. The designs create harmony and flexibility that radiates beyond the pieces and into your soul. A group of hopeful designers and artisans from India nurtures these beautiful hand-made paper goods and glassware products.

They use their expert craftsmanship to make handmade paper and glassware that is 100% recycled. Our wood block printed pieces are only ever produced in small batches and hold a beautiful story from the hands of the maker.

We hand-stain and dye our materials by extracting pigments from naturally found materials. We then hand-marble each piece with patterns created by the abstract flow of lines and colours on a water tray with oil paints.

Our loving process continues through hand sewing, hand screen printing, hand stitching and woodwork techniques. As a result, we have created the most stunning collection of handcrafed items.

​​Our artisanal home décor and stationery collections include: 

  • Paper File Holders & Desk Trays
  • Letter Sorters & Paper Bins 
  • Paper Sheets & Journals
  • Wrapping Paper, Gift Tags & Notecards.
  • Glassware including straws, vases and candleholders. 

Why buy sustainable and handcrafted pieces for your home?

Our stunning collection of notebooks, papers and homeware essentials were born out of a need to offer consumers and retailers sustainable alternatives to everyday products.

The world is changing; we cannot continue to take from our earth without practising the art of giving back. By working with our partners and artisans, we can produce products that allow everyone to make a conscious commitment to a positive future.

The PROTSAAH x Craftboat Collection enables fair pay for artisans, safe working conditions, and freedom from oppression and poverty - it helps bring joy and fulfilment to those who make the products and those who consume them.

Anyone can contribute to a happier, greener world - by stocking or buying items from our Crafboat collection; you can do your part too.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with a member of the PROTSAAH team today!

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