Ultimate Earring Style Guide: Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Goddesses - Are you ready to embark on a spectacular journey to discover the perfect earrings that complement your unique features and let your inner glow shine through?

At PROTSAAH, we don’t just make gorgeous handcrafted jewellery. We show you exactly how to wear it to be the most confident goddess.

In our PROTSAAH ultimate earring style guide, we'll help you navigate the world of face shapes, hair colours, and eye colours, ensuring that you find the perfect pieces to make you sparkle inside and out.

Whether you're a fashion-forward trailblazer, a timeless classic connoisseur or a PROTSAAH retailer looking to help make your customers feel incredible, we will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need.

Let’s explore our treasure trove of earring inspiration and unlock the secrets to finding the perfect earrings for every facet of your fabulous self!

Choosing the Right Earrings Based on Face Shape - Unleash Your Inner Sparkle

1. Round Face:

For those with round faces, it's time to create a stunning illusion of length and angles! Choosing dangle earrings that are longer than wide will draw the eye vertically, making your face appear more elongated. Angular drop earrings add a touch of edginess and sophistication to your look while avoiding circular or hoop-shaped earrings that may accentuate the roundness. Embrace your unique face shape with these fabulous styles that make heads turn!

2. Oval Face:

Lucky you, oval-faced beauties! With your versatile face shape, you can rock almost any earring style. Oval-shaped earrings, studs, and hoops are your go-to choices as they enhance your naturally balanced features. So mix and match your earrings to your heart's content, and explore the endless possibilities. Let your creativity shine, and make a statement with your favourite styles!

3. Heart-Shaped Face:

Oh, sweethearts with heart-shaped faces, you’re simply stunning. If you want to balance out the width of your forehead and create volume around the chin, these are the way to go: Teardrop earrings gracefully accentuate your cheekbones, while chandelier earrings - wider at the bottom - bring harmony to your facial proportions. Earrings with a wider base and tapered top showcase your lovely features. Steer clear of earrings that are wider at the top, which may make your chin appear narrower.

4. Square Face:

Square-faced darlings who wish for softer features fear not; we have the perfect styles to soften the angles of your face! Hoops, oval-shaped earrings, and circular studs are all fantastic choices that add a touch of femininity to a stronger jawline. Earrings with rounded edges or curved designs create a delicate balance, highlighting your gorgeous features. So embrace your inner fashionista and let your earrings make a statement that's uniquely you.

5. Long Face:

Adding width and volume is the secret to a stunning look for those with long faces. Studs and wide hoop earrings are your best friends, as they create the illusion of fullness and draw attention to the centre of your face. However, avoid long, narrow earrings that may elongate your face even more. Instead, choose pieces that celebrate your unique features and bring out your inner sparkle. Don't be afraid to experiment; let your earrings be the show's star!

Complementing Hair Colour with the Perfect Earrings - Let Your Locks Shine

  1. Blonde Hair:

Calling all blonde bombshells! Elevate your sun-kissed locks with earrings in warm colours like gold, yellow, and coral. Stones like topaz and citrine will make your golden tresses pop, while light-coloured, discreet earrings are perfect for your everyday style. Be prepared to turn heads as you complement your radiant hair with these stunning earring choices.

  1. Brown Hair:

Brunette beauties harmonise your natural hues with earthy green, brown, and bronze tones. Earrings featuring stones like amber and jade will effortlessly enhance the richness of your brown hair. Embrace the elegance of your earthy locks and let these earring selections create a mesmerising, balanced look.

  1. Red Hair:

Fiery redheads, prepare to sparkle! Choose cool-toned silver, blue, and green earrings to create an eye-catching contrast with your vibrant hair. Stones like turquoise and aquamarine will make your red locks sizzle, bringing out the vivacity of your hair colour. Be bold and daring with these earring picks that emphasise your fiery spirit.

  1. Black Hair:

Attention, raven-haired sirens! Enhance your lustrous black locks with bold colours like red, orange, and fuchsia. Earrings featuring stones like ruby and garnet will create a striking contrast against your dark tresses, adding drama and flair to your look. Unleash your inner fashion icon and let these daring earring choices showcase your captivating style.

  1. Grey or White Hair:

Sophisticated silver foxes and white-haired wonders, it's time to embrace classic elegance. Opt for earrings in timeless tones like black, white, and silver, with stones like pearl and moonstone. These refined choices will complement your graceful hair colour and create a chic, polished look. Let your hair's natural beauty shine with these exquisite earring selections that truly embody sophistication.

Enhancing Your Eye Colour with the Right Earrings - Dazzle with Your Gaze

  1. Blue Eyes:

Oh, blue-eyed beauties, prepare to captivate the world with your mesmerising gaze! Warm colours like gold, copper, and coral, along with stones like citrine and topaz, enhance the allure of your enchanting blue eyes. These earring choices will make your eyes pop, creating an irresistible, radiant look that's impossible to ignore.

  1. Green Eyes:

Green-eyed goddesses, get ready to bewitch with your tantalising stare! Cool colours such as silver, blue, and purple, with stones like emerald and amethyst, perfectly complement the captivating hues of your green eyes. Let your eyes shine like sparkling gems, as these earring selections create an entrancing and hypnotic look that leaves everyone spellbound.

  1. Brown Eyes:

Brown-eyed stunners, embrace the warmth and depth of your captivating gaze! Earthy tones like green, brown, and bronze, with stones like amber and jade, beautifully enhance the rich shades of your brown eyes. These earring choices will create an alluring, harmonious look that highlights the irresistible charm of your soulful eyes.

  1. Hazel Eyes:

To all the hazel-eyed enchantresses out there, it's time to let your eyes bewitch with their unique mix of colours! Neutral tones such as beige, brown, and gold, along with stones like moonstone and smoky quartz, perfectly suit the intriguing hues of your hazel eyes. These earring selections will bring out the best of your fascinating gaze, creating a truly unique, magical look.

Let Your Earrings Tell Your Story

And there you have it, fabulous goddesses!

By thoughtfully selecting the right earrings, you can elevate your look, enhance your features, and truly express your unique personality.

So experiment with different styles, colours, and stones, and let your earrings tell your story.

You can conquer the world with the right earrings, one dazzling look at a time.

Embrace your inner goddess, and always remember: your confidence is the most essential accessory you can wear.

So, hold your head high, flaunt those gorgeous earrings, and let the world see you shine!

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