Cradle to Cradle: our repair and recycling program.

A piece of jewellery is no longer complete or even defective? Send it back to us so that we can give it a new life! In return, we'll thank you with a credit of up to 70% off your next purchase.

With this closed cycle we want to make sure that precious metals can shine in ever new treasures. If these precious pieces end up in the trash or just sit in your jewellery box or drawer, its such a painful loss of all the resources that went into ore extraction and metal refinement.

Resource-saving and yet beautifully packaged

We have selected all our packaging materials because they make unboxing an experience and have less impact on the environment.

Thus we use:
- reusable jewelry bags
- biodegradable cards and labels handmade from recycled cotton fashion waste
- reusable, recyclable gift pouches made of OEKO-TEX certified cotton
- shipping boxes for reuse and recycling

In the first year of our company's history, we were able to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags by 80%. Previously, each piece of jewelry had been repackaged 2-3 times before ever reaching our clientele. Now, our jewelry is packaged once when it is shipped to us in Zurich. Here, we store it in sealed, recyclable containers until it is shipped to you. Since 2017, we've saved about 500,000 plastic bags this way, which now haven't ended up in the ocean or landfill.

And a new, recyclable design of our wholesale materials has saved us about 75kg of residual waste. In addition, the new version uses 20% less material.

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