The logo's drop embodies the essence of perseverance, resilience, and unwavering dedication. Encircled by a hand symbolising the art of creation, it seamlessly transitions into a graceful dove, an emblem of tranquillity and harmony. Together, it signifies the remarkable journey of transformation, where our sweat and tears evolve into peace, inspiring us to embrace the power within ourselves to create a better world.


Our main goal is to provide sustainable living to artisans in conflict zones. Currently our products are produced in the following locations:


In the face of limited opportunities for Tibetan women to work independently, a visionary project was born in 2015. Inspired by a dear Tibetan friend, founder Saloni embarked on an empowering journey, enabling women to craft exquisite jewellery from the comfort of their homes. This endeavour provides them with the means to care for themselves and their loved ones.


In the art of weaving, dedicated men sit for hours, crafting with unwavering consistency. Meanwhile, resilient women spin hair into threads and create beautiful embroideries amidst home chores and family commitments. In our Kashmir project, 17 individuals unite, weaving tirelessly regardless of sales. We ensure their financial security, offering salaries and upfront payment for yarn. They fear no unpaid labour, their craft valued and respected.


This collaborative project with All Across Africa embodies the power of unity. At the Kodukoru Cooperative, 64 remarkable women weave baskets, infusing their passion and skill. With shared designs and colourful visions, we empower one another, while supporting fair trade as the Kodukoru cooperative proudly shines under Rwanda Cooperative Agency's recognition.


In alliance with Africa Tiss and the visionary brand Tissetik, we embark on a transformative journey called Design for Peace. United under the auspices of UNHCR, this project empowers talented artisans, both local and Malian refugees in Burkina Faso, granting them a chance to ignite their creativity, share their narratives, and craft an extraordinary collection that transcends boundaries. Together, we foster a sanctuary where 200 refugee artisans embrace learning, design, and innovation, weaving together their unique worlds into a tapestry of hope and inspiration.



Crafted with passion and purpose, our jewellery embodies the essence of sterling silver - a harmonious blend of 92.5% pure silver and 6.5% copper. Each piece showcases nature's gems, sourced responsibly from India's Jaipur, where skilled hands shape them into timeless beauty. Empowering women, inspiring dreams.


Pashmina, the epitome of luxury, originates from free-range goats in the pristine Himalayan region of Ladakh. Unlike mass-produced cashmere, we remain true to its pure essence, meticulously preserving its unparalleled quality and finesse. With its exceptional softness and warmth, Pashmina transcends mere wool—it's an extraordinary fibre that envelops you in comfort from the coldest winters to the gentlest springs.


Embracing the spirit of nature, these exquisite handcrafted baskets from Rwanda are a testament to the beauty of simplicity. Crafted with love using 100% natural Sisal and sweat-grass, they not only store produce but also preserve its freshness, bringing a touch of magic to everyday life.


Our devotion to sustainability is embodied in the meticulous crafting of our handmade, locally sourced organic cotton products. Every bag and pillow is carefully woven or yarn-dyed and printed using traditional techniques, ensuring a beautiful and eco-friendly addition to your home.

When will payment be taken?

Payments are processed from your credit or debit card as soon as you have placed your order. We are Verisign certified, so your details and shopping experience are always protected and safe!

How is my order packed?

All orders are securely packed using standard, non-descript, yet sustainable packaging with the PROTSAAH logo. 

How can I make a return or exchange?

Terms and conditions apply, but jewellery is generally accepted for refund, credit or exchange if returned in a saleable condition within our allotted return period. 

Please contact clientrelations@protsaah.com for more information.

I lost a precious stone; what do I do?

If a stone has been lost, broken or come loose, send us your remaining pieces in a secure package (try to cushion them for protection). In exchange, you can repurchase the same item at a discounted price.

Please contact clientrelations@protsaah.com for more information.

Can broken jewellery be repaired?

We’ll always do our very best! 

First, we need you to send us a photo of your broken jewellery piece so we can assess the repair. Depending on the amount of damage, we will get you to mail the item/s to our repair shop. 

Please contact clientrelations@protsaah.com for more information.

Does PROTSAAH provide a polishing service?

Absolutely, we do! 

It all depends on the type of jewellery and materials used. 

Please contact clientrelations@protsaah.com for more information.

How do I clean & care for my jewellery?

If you notice your jewellery has faded a little, it’s perfectly normal, especially for pieces worn on high-contact areas like rings and bracelets. But with a touch of TLC, you can make your jewellery bright and shiny again by following these care instructions. 

Cleaning Instructions:

Before you start, ensure you use a bowl and not the sink! The last thing you want is to watch your precious jewellery disappear down the drain.  You will need a soft cloth, mild soap and another soft cloth for drying. 

Do not use tissue paper or paper towels; they can scratch the metals and damage the gemstones. Specialist polishing clothes are best used (available on request) with liquid “dip” cleaner (do not use pearl jewellery).For more substantial silver tarnishing, you can use a soft toothbrush.

When cleaning, be sure to rub the piece in one direction rather than in circular motions. 

Once cleaned, do not leave any pieces damp and dry with a soft cloth. Do not leave gemstones in direct sunlight. 

For more information, please read our Jewellery Care Guide