We're choosing responsible design
for a better world

In order to continue to offer our honest sustainable crafts, we ensure that all of our collections are made with responsibly sourced materials.


The Shalimar ornaments are made from paper-mâché that only uses waste paper to recycle as much material as possible. The 2D ornaments are crafted from consciously sourced wood pieces. This collection aims to use as few new materials as possible and, instead, craft with pre-existing materials that can be repurposed


The exquisitely handwoven peace baskets of The Kigali Collection are designed from sisal and sweet grass. This natural resource grows in abundance across Africa, meaning we do not have to plant more for our products. The peace baskets are crafted where the sisal and sweet grass grows, meaning we can reduce our carbon impact of production. Our choice to work with local sourcing also means we can consciously work traditionally and authentically when crafting our inspired designs.


Each pashmina is delicately woven from the finest goat’s wool in the world. We never use Mongolian cashmere as this is farmed and agriculturally harmful and damaging to the animals. Instead, we use only Ladakh Cashmere, which is hand-reared by nomads responsible for the goats' entire lifecycle, including their milk, cheese, oils, and the ecosystem in which they live. Their hair is then hand-combed to provide the cashmere for our Kashmir pashmina.


Our pieces are ​​made with 100% recycled sterling silver and are plated with 22k responsibly sourced ethical gold. Our hand-cut semi-precious stones are bought from ethical, registered sources, minimising our footprint. However, what makes our jewellery extra magical is the lifetime repair & recycling program for retailers & consumers, ensuring that we can all make the most out of our precious materials.

Let’s craft real impact, together.

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