PROTSAAH is a socially-conscious, ethical fashion brand that works solely with artisan communities affected by violence and instability, in conflict zones globally. At the heart of each project is a handcrafted, anti-industrialism approach and a commitment to slow, sustainable fashion.

The Re-Bijoux Project

Handcrafted and Recycled 22k Plated Gold Jewellery with Precious Stones

The Re-Bijoux Project is a collection that speaks to making arts and crafts a weapon against violence by working with artisans worldwide to handcraft jewellery from recycled silver and gemstones.

Made with 100% recycled sterling silver and responsibly sourced 22k plated gold, Re-Bijoux is a slow and fair fashion model comprised of 13 women and 21 men who handcraft jewellery in safe and enjoyable working conditions.

Each delicate piece of jewellery celebrates perfection in imperfection with sensational details that make no two items the same. The Re-Bijoux Project is about inspiration and change-making ability while incorporating our unique recycling programme from our customers.

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The Shalimar Project

Paper mâché Handmade Ornaments and Homeware

The Shalimar Project are ornaments handcrafted by artisans across the world who are craftsmen and women in this art and design, meaning each piece is uniquely finished with their expert eye. These delicately handcrafted ornaments have various influences, most notably French artistic themes and wildlife.

Each of these unique Shalimar ornaments is made from paper-mâché that only uses wastepaper and consciously sourced wood pieces to recycle as much material as possible, helping the artisans craft with locally sourced materials.

The Shalimar Collection aims to use as few new materials as possible and, instead, craft with pre-existing materials that can be repurposed. Both 3D and 2D figurines are available in an abundance of beautiful designs to suit every taste and are inspired by the hearts and skills of each artisan.

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The Kigali Project

Handwoven peace baskets

In collaboration with partners across all regions of Africa, The Kigali Project works with women who have been victims of the brutal aftermath of genocide throughout Rwanda.

With over 70 Africa-based artisans, The Kigali Project supports the production of colourful yet elegant handwoven peace baskets that have become a symbol of Rwanda’s newfound peace. The project aims to help aid a better future for women left to provide for themselves, their families and countless orphans left in the wake of the destruction.

These beautiful “Agaseke” hand-woven peace baskets are expertly crafted from sisal, and sweet grass through techniques passed down over centuries. The Kigali Project is a sustainably resourced collection that emboldens the overcoming of past differences while working towards a bright future.

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The Gulmarg Project

Handwoven and authentic Kashmir Pashmina

Supporting over 17 families in the heart of Kashmir, the original birthplace of Pashmina, The Gulmarg Project sets out to produce authentic handwoven Pashmina.

Following the initiated embroidery training for young women and also young men who were former dissidents, The Gulmarg Project offers a safe space for extraordinary people to craft, weave, stencil and dye incredible Pashmina that can find lasting love with its wearer.

Each of our intrinsically crafted Pashmina is masterfully hand-spun and hand-dyed by the passionate hands of Ladakhi Chang-pas (herdsmen) and craftsmen. They implore the pristine ski-hamlet Kasmir inspiration for the pure handwoven Pashmina.

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The Ougadougou Project

Handwoven Accessories

In collaboration with Afrika Tiss and Design for Peace, PROTSAAH is elated to work in solidarity with artisans in Africa to deliver The Ougadougou project.

This beautiful collection of handwoven accessories is designed for you and your home to suit authentic and contemporary tastes. Exclusively handmade from high-quality organic cotton by local artisans in the heart of Burkina Faso.

The Ougadougou handwoven accessories project is comprised of talented women who are trained in hand dyeing and weaving techniques to broaden their expertise whilst ensuring them a fair and regular income. This project inspires love and hope for a future generation of women who would otherwise be victims of conflict.

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