How to Layer Necklaces for an Unforgettable Look

Layered necklaces are right on trend this year, with everyone from celebrities to style influencers sporting them. Whether you want to make a head-turning statement or you’d like to get the most out of all your favourite necklaces, learning how to layer them will help you pull off a unique, signature look. If you’re ready to change up your accessories and create a new style with your necklaces, here’s everything you need to know about how to layer necklaces.

What are Layered Necklaces?

Let’s kick this off by understanding exactly what it means to rock layered necklaces. In short, this fashion statement features an array of various necklaces that are worn together to create a unique look. Knowing how to layer necklaces without them tangling or clashing in style will help you pull it off in the perfect way.

Here’s everything you need to know on how to layer necklaces 2022:

Necklace Size

The best layered necklaces include different-length necklaces. Pick necklaces that have at least 2 inches of space between them for a beautiful, cascading look. If you like to make a bold statement, go for necklaces that have an even bigger size difference, with a short necklace and an extra long necklace for contrast. A necklace length chart can help you find the ideal size that will allow to to pair the pieces together necklaces to pair together beautifully.

How Many Necklaces to Layer

When layering necklaces, choose no more than three pieces to wear at a time. This will help you make a statement without looking gaudy. Wearing two or three necklaces will also allow you to showcase each individual piece so none of your jewellery gets lost among too many others.

Chain Types

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the best layered necklaces. You can mix and match chains, going for a thick one and an elegant, thin chain, for instance. In general, it’s a good idea to keep a similar colour theme for your chosen chains, which you can then accent with a pop of colour in a pendant or charm.

How to Layer Gold Necklaces

If you love gold, then you can flaunt your gold in layers. Layering gold necklaces is super trendy right now, and you can pull off the look with your own twist. Some options - a thick gold chain paired with a dainty, delicate gold pendant necklace. Or if you want a more sleek style, try two thin or medium gold chains of different lengths.


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