The Meaning Behind the Gemstones Used in PROTSAAH Jewellery


Humankind has been attracted to the beauty of gemstone jewellery since ancient times. These crystal ornaments vary randomly in colours, types, and properties they possess. We’ll be exploring the characteristics of the prettiest stones that are featured in some of our ethical jewellery here at Protsaah. Buckle in!


Nothing is more catchy than the magical visibility of a labradorite stone. This is one of the youngest stones  in modern world jewellery. More than being a semi-precious stone, healing powers are also attributed to them. The labradorite gemstone usually reveals a range of colours when in contact with light. The name comes from the word “labradorescence”, meaning the flashing of colours. Another name for the dazzling gemstone is Spectrolite. It is believed to possess some spiritual abilities like awakening your inner magical power, while also helping you create deeper connections and reflections. It has a history of rituality and psychic protection. The full display of colours enhances its attractive features. In summary, the beauty of this stone can be described as a world encapsulated in an object.



This is another precious stone with healing properties. A calming throat Chakra stone that enhances creativity, self-expression, and communication in the spiritual realms. In a state of fear, the blue quartz stone can offer some powerful protection from negativity and help you find balance. Many consider it able to lift the soul from depression, provide hope, happiness, and peace. It is also associated with some zodiac benefits like nurturing the support of cancer, the emotional drive of Scorpio, and the deep sensitivity of Pisces. Physically, the blue quartz has some shining elements that connect with the spirits.



This stone is a deeply satisfying sight to behold. An alternative name for it is the “Sunset stone.” The orange Carnelian is very famous and at the same time, less expensive. Direct exposure of it to the sun can cause a darker effect in the red colour as the iron properties will begin to oxidise. Aside from its physical components, the carnelian crystal is known as a stone of fertility, stimulates passion and provides courage. In some quarters, the gemstone is seen as a status symbol that can protect you from sickness when worn and also averts future calamities. All of this can be traced down to India as its root source. This crystal stone has some captivating features similar to the flash of a fiery sunset and that symbolises bold energy, joy, and warmth.



This translucent gemstone is a compact mineral that consists of tiny crystals which are not visible to the naked eye. It has the power to soothe the mind and stabilise fortune. The magical property reveals that the gemstone is filled with love energy and also helps develop the relationship between two people. It is believed to offer a conduit to heaven, with the wearer believed to receive messages from heaven. The physical feature is rich in the colour variation of blue.



The green onyx is a natural jewel stone with a background of intense golden ocher, veins and shiny pigmentations. Its physical components are something interesting and alluring, making it a popular go-to gemstone used to craft jewellery. It is born with the primary property of all forms of onyx which are known for strength, discipline, and willpower. The green colour stimulates traits that are directly from the heart. Infact, it has the ability to soothe a person’s heart, bringing them to a calm emotional place.


We love how great powers can be drawn from natural elements such as gemstones. When you’re browsing through our collection of ethical and sustainable jewellery here at Protsaah, why not let your intuition choose the perfect gemstone for you. Combine magical powers with a unique piece of jewellery that you can cherish forever. 

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