How to inspire yourself!

3 easy ways to get your energy up: It’s no secret: These corona times are really trying. Most of us are tucked away in our homes and it almost feels like we’re trapped there. How on earth should we feel motivated to do anything, amirite? But there are proven solutions to our collective misery, all it takes is a little effort to get back to your glorious self!

3 easy ways to break out of the slump and inspire yourself!

  • Change your Environment

We’re lucky we’re not really caged into our homes. Take a break from your home office, get out and take a walk! Always wanted to visit that quaint little spot in the forest? Now’s the time! Even a walk in your own neighborhood can provide you with a different scenery. I still discover new little things in my area and I find it quite interesting how many street artists leave their marks on all kinds of surfaces. Watch out for the little things!

  • Create a Vision Board

Instead of regretting the things and activities we can’t do right now, envision your hopes, wants and needs so clearly that you see it right in front of you. Hang your vision board somewhere you can look at it everyday so you can get inspired first thing in the morning! Don’t know what a vision board is? Check out my girl Lily Singh’s video about creating one.

  • Watch an inspiring Ted Talk!

I gotta say, I’ve watched A LOT of Ted Talks over the years. Some are “meh” at best but some are absolutely perspective shifting! I really love this one about The Art of Being Yourself.

And most importantly: Be kind to yourself! These things on that list are merely a suggestion to help you. Don’t fall into the trap of burden yourself with so many activities that they start feeling like chores. Enjoy them and if you don’t, let it be. It’s okay to feel down sometimes, acceptance will take you to a place, where you’ll actually want to do something again; and now you have a couple options. YOU GOT THIS!

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