Women Empowerment: Sisters, we don’t need to hide!

Nominate a special woman in your life to win the “Inspiring Power Woman” award!

Today we celebrate Women's Day! A day we celebrate each other, our mothers, sisters and daughters and all our girlfriends in sisterhood. Go women!

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest, when we cheer each other on.” - Serena Williams

Wisely spoken, Serena! But during corona times it can be hard to feel inspired by anything at all and we feel like hiding in a cocoon until it’s all over. Honestly, when will it be over? It’s hard to find any energy to get anything done.

(If you want to know what you can do to get your creative energy flowing, check out our “How to Inspire Yourself” - Guide.)

Now let me tell you 3 things, which inspire Protsaah and how you can inspire each other!

  • Women standing up for themselves!
  • If we can’t get the support we need, we need to do what women do best: Put on our crown, straighten up and say: I deserve more! Yes, it’s allowed to be wanting, to have desires and to be treated as the queens we are.

    Life makes it hard sometimes to remember our worth and what we deserve. And we need help to get back to valuing ourselves. The Frauenhaus Schweiz is an organisation, where troubled women find help to gather their strength to move forward. If you know somebody who is struggling, help her to find the right help.

  • Women taking initiative!
  • Interestingly, all except one of our jewellery designs are created in our atelier in Zurich. The one exception has been a best-seller since the last 4 years: Our Curled Leaf Hoop Earrings.

    his particular design is made by one of our Tibetan artisan craftswomen, who got inspired and asked if she can try her own design: YES, Sister! Now it’s a very special piece in our collection and we love that she just went for it.

  • Women working together!
  • We need to have our backs, if we don’t who the heck will?  

    After the Rwandan genocide the country faced a challenge of more women than men in their country - things couldn’t be done if they didn’t work together. Read a few stories here grab the book or get inspired by their beautiful work

    Our Kigali collection helps bring the spirit of these inspiring beautiful strong women from Rwanda into our homes!

    Know another inspiring woman? Nominate that one special woman in your life, who’s inspired you the most in the last year for one of 3 “Inspiring Power Woman” awards and she just might win a beautiful piece of artisan jewellery, thanks to you!

    All you gotta do is nominate her right here!

    The contest will last from March 8th to March 14th - and hopefully your one special power woman will have an uplifting surprise in her mailbox by the end of the week!

    In the end it’s all about encouragement - and inspiration will follow!

    Support HER cause, HER business, HER goals - if you can do little things like simply share something on social media, do it. Encourage your fellow women and most importantly encourage yourself to be YOUR best self, there’s no one else you can be. And you know what? You are FANTASTIC! 


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