Sent with Love

All PROTSAAH packaging is made with 100% recycled cotton handmade paper. From the moment your pieces are designed to the second they are delivered, each piece has been responsibly crafted to ensure the protection and longevity of our natural materials. These values continue to translate to our handcrafted packaging.

The Process

The packaging process is a product of the artisan’s finest craftsmanship. From the natural dying process, to the intricate stitching, right over to our marbling technique, every step is done by hand by the talented artisans.

The Materials

The artisans embody the traditional craft of paper making by pressing recycled paper pulp and sheets. The packaging is hand dyed by the pigment extracts found in natural materials. Since 2017, they have dyed over 150,000 paper sheets and 15,000 metres of textiles.

The Impact

Giving our packaging a second life ensures that we are continuing our promise to contribute to a more sustainable and fair future. To do your part, be sure to reuse or recycle your PROTSAAH packaging.