How To Inspire Yourself! 2

For those who missed out on Part 1 on “How to inspire yourself!” Just click right here to catch up on even more inspiration!

Maybe you’ve tried some things mentioned in our last blog post and had some fun wandering the woods or creating a vision board. Maybe you haven’t found anything, which made you go “Yes, this sounds like fun!” - No worries, girl. I got you! 

Here are 3 more ways to break out of the slump and inspire yourself!

  • Do a Makeover
  • Yeah, it might sound silly and we all know true beauty comes from within. That said, who doesn’t feel like a king or queen all dolled up? Put on some make up, wear your most beloved clothes and adorn yourself with your most beautiful jewellery or try something entirely new. Have fun playing around and mix and match new things, you haven’t before! Have you ever heard of stackable ringsThose are rings you can easily stack on top of each other or wear separately. It’s a small, playful way to spice up your look!

  • Listen To Your Most Treasured Music Album or Discover New Artists
  • I mean, REALLY listen to it. Pour yourself your favorite drink, sit or lie down and really take it in. Listen to the lyrics, listen to every little bit of music and if you feel the urge to get up and dance, do it! If you’re already bored by everything you’ve been listening to so far, use spotify to find new fantastic artists! And while you're at it, give Swiss artist Tobias Carshey a listen, he’s worth it!

    Tobias Carshey

  • Move Your Hips
  • There are so many ways to activate your body. You’re more the meditative type? Do Yoga! You really miss going out to clubs and festivals? Blast your audio system and have your own little dance party! Wanna get ripped? Check out all the great online content for awesome full body workouts! Just get your body moving and you’ll automatically be more active. I dance 10 minutes a day. It’s not a lot, but it makes a huge difference. I really love Ashley’s “Quick Workouts”. They’re fun and she just has great energy and they are perfect to do outside, where there’s actual fresh air!

    There you go, I said I got you!

    How is your experience so far and how well did you manage to inspire yourself? Let us know in the comments below!Let us encourage each other to take care of ourselves and one another. And always remember: YOU ARE AWESOME!

    Part 3 follows next week, so stay tuned and if you haven’t yet; subscribe to our newsletter to never miss out on anything new Protsaah has to offer!


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