Discover the who, what and how behind the sourcing of our ethical, handcrafted PROTSAAH collections.

The Shalimar Collection

Paper mâché Handmade Ornaments and Homeware

What handmade ornaments and homeware do we craft?

Our Shalimar Collection comprises delicately handcrafted ornaments with various influences, most notably French artistic themes, and wildlife; both 3D and 2D figurines are available in an abundance of beautiful designs to suit every taste.

Who crafts our handmade ornaments and homeware?

The Shalimar ornaments are handcrafted by artisans who are craftsmen and women in this art and design, meaning each piece is uniquely finished with their expert eye.

The Kigali Collection

Handwoven and Ethically Sourced Peace Baskets

What are handwoven peace baskets?

These beautiful “Agaseke” hand-woven peace baskets are expertly crafted from sisal, and sweet grass through techniques passed down over centuries. They are known as “Peace Baskets” as a symbol of newfound peace for Rwanda following the historical genocide and mass destruction.

Who crafts our handwoven peace baskets?

In collaboration with partners across all regions of Africa, The Kigali Project works with women who have been victims of the brutal aftermath of genocide throughout Rwanda. Currently, the project supports over 70 African female artisans who can continue to better support their families, children, and communities through their work.

The Gulmarg Collection

Handwoven authentic Kashmir Pashmina

What is authentic handwoven Kashmir pashmina?

PROTSAAH’s Gulmarg is a collection of handcrafted Pashmina Cashmere scarves sourced ethically from the Srinagar Valley in Kashmir, the pashmina’s birthplace.

Who crafts our authentic handwoven Kashmir pashmina?

All our pashminas are expertly woven by artisans in Kashmir, India, who have decades of cashmere weaving skills. These artisans are enabled to craft at a fair wage in safe environments that allows them to escape the horrors of conflict zones.

The Ouagadougou Collection

Handwoven cotton travel accessories

What are our handwoven cotton travel accessories?

In collaboration with Afrika Tiss and Design for Peace, PROTSAAH cooperates with African artisans to deliver The Ouagadougou project. This beautiful collection of handwoven travel accessories is designed to suit authentic and contemporary tastes.

Who crafts our handwoven cotton travel accessories?

Exclusively handmade by local artisans in the heart of Burkina Faso who are part of Sahelian, a low-income country with limited natural resources, yet also home to incoming Malian refugees. Collaborating with Design for Peace, The Ouagadougou Collection works alongside these refugees and Burkina Faso women to provide them with sustainable salaries.

The Re-Bijoux Collection

Handmade Jewellery Crafted from Natural Materials

Why do we offer handcrafted jewellery?

We understand the significance that a piece of jewellery holds. It represents a memory, a moment, a time in our lives where we want to communicate our love and connection through something beautiful. However, we believe that the story should begin before the gifting, which is why our Re-Bijoux collection is clouded in history.

Who crafts our intricate designs?

The Re-Bijoux Collection is handmade by our incredibly talented artisans that reside in Tibet, Nepal. After facing conflict from the ongoing Chinese invasion for over 70 years, local artisans have found comfort in crafting designs that tell their family story.

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