Sustainable Production for Equal Opportunities

What does sustainable production mean for our artisans?

Here at PROTSAAH, we ensure sustainable production and fair working conditions, but what does it actually mean for our artisans?

As you may know, PROTSAAH works with artisans all over the world, some of whom live in unimaginable conditions. Despite their struggle, our artisans channel their story so that each collection has a tale that goes beyond the craft. That’s why we do what we can to guarantee that they craft their beautiful goods in fair working conditions. 

The Conflict

From the oppression of the Tibetans that craft our jewellery, to the longest running conflict zone we know as Kashmir, many of our artisans face inconceivable situations every day. That’s why, here at PROTSAAH, we took the time to consider what we could do to improve their working conditions.

How do we help to make their conditions better?

  • Safe machinery that is regularly assessed by our quality control team
  • Optimal health and safety standards
  • Well lit environments throughout the work space
  • Canteens for a place to eat, relax and rejuvenate
  • Comfortable uniforms
  • Enough toilets within a reachable distance
  • Gender equality in the workplace so that everybody feels safe and secure
  • A quality control team that regularly examines the manufacturing process and operational techniques to ensure everything is in place
  • We pay our artisans 30/40% more than the market average so that everybody has a fair salary to look after their families.